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The most suitable solution for business centers, plazas, apartment complexes and residences.
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Compatible with all brands of electric vehicles
When you see a electrip charging station, your charging problem is solved.
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Extensive experience and support
Choose electrip for years of experience and great after-sales support.
High technology and update
Our charging stations are remotely upgradeable and use the high technology.
Uninterrupted charging service
Our charging stations are designed to work at maximum and uninterrupted at all times.
Apartment Complexes and Residences
Get charging stations that can be used by multiple electric car owners in common living spaces where people reside collectively, such as apartment complexes and residences.
Business Centers and Plazas
Have electric car owner staff easily charge their vehicles by having electrip charging stations installed at business centers and plazas.
Shopping Malls
Places where people spend a lot of time, shopping malls are an important area of use for electrip charging stations.
Public Institutions and Municipalities
With its new generation energy solutions, electrip makes it possible for electric car owners at public institutions and municipalities to charge their vehicles.
Restaurants and Rest Areas
Restaurants and rest areas are ideal places for electric car owners to charge their vehicles.
Gas Stations
Used for buying fuel, gas stations are suitable places to have electrip charging stations installed.
electrip charging stations are also available for big markets frequented by users.
Car Parks
Car parks, where vehicles are left for long periods of time, are quite suitable areas for installing electrip charging stations.
Car Dealerships
Car dealerships, where people pick up their new cars, are one of the most spot-on places to get acquainted with electrip charging stations.
Auto Services
Since the number of electric cars has substantially increased in our day, the auto services have now become a necessity for electric car owners.
Educational Institutions
The need for charging stations for employees and students' friends and family at educational institutions is amplified by the day.
Health Institutions
Health institutions, where the human flow is heavy, have a constantly increasing need for charging solutions.
Visited by hundreds of people every day, hotels are yet another spot where the use of electrip charging stations is bound to become more and more common.
electrip charging stations offer tailored solutions for you or your business by taking your needs into consideration. Please fill out our "Contact" form for detailed information.
Şarj kalitemiz standartların çok üzerinde! The quality of our charging stations is way above the standards!
The quality of our charging stations is way above the standards!