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Who we are
Our Purpose and Vision
Our Purpose and Vision
We’re the fresh player at EV charging & energy efficiency

electrip excels in charging point operations and energy efficiency services as a fresh brand. Having two strong pillars on energy and infrastructure; electrip aims to contribute for a better world in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Starting with 7 countries in Europe, namely as Italy, France, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Croatia; electrip will be soon in many countries worldwide. electrip is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to meet the needs of the present and shape the future, continuously expanding its service solutions and refining its customer-centered approach.


electrip aims to ease the journeys of electric vehicle owners and accelerate the electric vehicle revolution by building, operating, and constantly growing network with high-power charging stations established in the city and along highways. In addition to the fast charging facility, it offers public points and installs charging stations at workplaces in line with the demands of its users.

Travel Across Europe with electrip
- High Power Charging (HPC) network for electric vehicles owners in 7 European countries
- “charge anywhere” experience (roaming service) through eRoaming platform- Intercharge
- Chargers with up to 400 kW charging capacity
- Multiple charging points per locations
- CCS standarts (for European charging stations) for widest conformity across electric vehicles
- User-friendly app for continious driving pleasure
Customer support assisted with state-of-the art technology
electrip stations in public areas, semi-public areas and private housings, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and 100% in house software solutions for customer centric and high quality charging experience.

During and after the installation; all requests from electrip customers are handled quickly with widespread service network and 24/7 call center support. With the one click away user-friendly mobile application and management platform; electrip customers enjoy the fast and easy reservation and charging process management; and B2B customers are offered variety of services such as client management and reporting , authorization, charging stations management.

We catch the sun, we go greener...

We care for the planet and as a responsible company, we move forward with sustainable energy solutions. With our previous experinence in solar energy business, we are ready to catch the sun in Europe and many other countries and contribute to the green energy transition in the world.
Solar Panels, Inverters and EPC Solutions
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As the new brand in energy efficiency solutions in Europe; electrip is getting ready to expand its presence in solar energy sector with the distribution of solar panels and inverters under the guarantee of its brand.
Meanwhile; as an energy service company, it widens the activity area considering the requirements of the customers and the market. Aligned with the regulations and legislations of the countries, electrip also provides EPC services and support its clients with consultancy services. Our ultimate aim is to boost the efficiency in high-energy consuming sectors.