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Our rationale, story and vision
Our rationale, story and vision
electrip is a brand with the mission of being the most crucial source of the electric vehicle ecosystem and sustainable transportation, making the lives of its users easier in the nature-friendly travel experience with end-to-end solutions it offers.

electrip aims to ease the journeys of electric vehicle owners and accelerate the electric vehicle revolution with both AC and DC charging stations established in the city and on intercity roads.

In addition to the fast charging facility, it offers public points and installs charging stations at homes and workplaces in line with the demands of its users.

After the installation, which is answered and guided quickly and correctly according to the needs; With its widespread service network and 24/7 call center support, you can feel it by your side at any time.
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Offering a wide range of products and services, electrip aims to pioneer its sector. By completing the service it provides to electric vehicle users with a deep-rooted experience and corporate values, it has adopted the vision of reaching a position that makes a difference among the players in the sector. It supports all studies on using energy, which is already quite important nowadays, by making it more efficient. Our brand, acting with an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach, will continue to contribute to nature for a cleaner world, develop helpful charging solutions throughout its journey and energize the future of transportation.